What Is The Full Form of ADHD?

full form of adhd

The full form of ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It commonly affects children and teens and can continue into adulthood. And is the most common mental disorder in children that starts during childhood.

 Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable to control their impulses. They may have trouble paying attention. These kinds of behaviors interfere with home and school life.

The Full Form of ADHD is: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The exact cause of ADHD is not known. Some factors that are believed to be the cause of ADHD include:

  • Low birth weight
  • The child is born prematurely
  • Genetics, it can run in families
  • Smoking, alcohol or drug abuse during pregnancy

Symptoms in Children

Common symptoms of ADHD are as follows:

  • Is easily distracted
  • Doesn’t follow directions or finish tasks
  • Doesn’t appear to be listening
  • Doesn’t pay attention and makes careless mistakes
  • Forgets about daily activities
  • Often squirms fidgets, or bounces when sitting
  • Doesn’t stay seated
  • Has trouble playing quietly
  • Has trouble waiting for his or her turn
  • Blurts out answers
  • Interrupts others
  • Chronic lateness and forgetfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Problems at work
  • Trouble controlling anger


There are few ways that can help you reduce the risk of ADHD in your child such as:

  • Protect your child from pollutants and toxins including cigarette smoke and lead paint.
  • Don’t consume anything that can harm fetal development during pregnancy such as alcohol, cigarette, and drugs.
  • Excessive exposure to TV or video games should be reduced in the early years of life.

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