What Is The Full Form of BBC?

full form of bbc

The full form of BBC is British Broadcasting Corporation. It is a British public broadcaster which headquarter is at Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

 BBC is the world’s oldest national broadcaster and the largest broadcaster which has more than 16,000 employees who are in public sector broadcasting, employs over 22,000 staff in total. The total number of staff is 35,402 (fixed contract staff part-time&flexible are included).

 The most trusted news source in the country is’ The Wall Street Journal’ .BBC News is coming under the top five newspapers as per the index.

According to the index:

  • 57.7% of Americans trusting The Wall Street Journal
  • 55.9% of Americans trusting ABC News
  • 55.4% of Americans trusting CBS News
  • 55.2% of Americans trusting BBC News

The Full Form Of BBC is : British Broadcasting Corporation

BBC produces programs and services for audiences throughout the UK and also produce content that can be enjoyed across the globe.

Who Runs The BBC :

  • The Board
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Commercial Holdings Board
  • Senior management
full form of BBC

Governance and regulation :

  • Charter & Agreement
  • Mission,values & public purposes
  • Licence Fee & Funding
  • Regulation
  • Audit agreements
  • BBC/S4C strategic agreement
  • Complaints

Reports and policies :

  • Annual plan
  • Annual reports & accounts
  • Policies & guidelines
  • Reports
  • Consultation

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