What Is The Full Form of HTTP?

full form of http

The Full Form of HTTP is the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, hypermedia information systems & collaborative. Communication is done by sending HTTP requests and receiving HTTP responses between client computers and web servers.

For the World Wide Web(WWW), HTTP is the foundation of data communication. Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a structured text that uses logical hyperlinks between nodes containing text.

HTTP was initiated in 1989 by Tim Berners lee.

The Full Form of HTTP is : Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HTTP Request / Response :

Communication is done by requests and responses between clients and servers :

  • A browser (a client) sends an HTTP request to the web
  • A web server receives the request
  • The server runs an application to process the request
  • The server returns an HTTP response (output) to the browser
  • The browser (the client) receives the response

HTTP Request Circle :

  • The browser requests an HTML page. The server returns an HTML file.
  • The browser requests a style sheet. The server returns a CSS file.
  • The browser requests a JPG image. The server returns a JPG file.
  • The browser requests JavaScript code. The server returns a JS file
  • The browser requests data. The server returns data (in XML or JSON).

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