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What Is The Full Form of IPA?

The Full Form of IPA is International Phonetic Alphabet. IPA is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation (also known as phonetic script or phonetic transcription which is the visual representation of speech sounds) based primarily on the Latin alphabet.

The IPA has represented only oral language, other than writing e.g intonation,  phones, phonemes, phones. The extensions to the International Phonetic Alphabet may be used to represent additional qualities of speech, such as sounds made with a cleft lip and cleft palate, tooth gnashing and lisping.

Led by the French linguist Paul Passy in 1886, a group of  British & French language teachers formed what would come to be known from 1897 onwards as the IPA later officially adopted by the International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association in 1994.

The Full Form of IPA is : International Phonetic Alphabet

IPA CHAT 2018 – IMAGE SOURCE | The Sound of English

Articulatory Phonetics :

  • The Vocal Organs
  • Consonants: Place of Articulation
  • Consonants: Manner of Articulation
  • Vowels
  • Syllables

Prosodic Prominence: Accent, Stress and Schwa :

  • Nuclear Accent
  • Lexical Stress
  • Reduced Vowels and Schwa

Prosodic Structure and Tune :

  • Prosodic Structure
  • Tune

Acoustic Phonetics and Signals :

  • Waves
  • Speech Sound Waves
  • Frequency and Amplitude; Pitch and Loudness
  • Interpretation of Phones from a Waveform
  • Spectra and the Frequency Domain
  • The Source-Filter Model

Other Full Forms of IPA are as follow:

  1. IPA -Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance(EU funding programme)
  2. IPA -Island Pacific Academy(Hawaii)
  3. IPA -Involvement and Participation Association(for employee involvement in the workplace)
  4. IPA -Infrastructure and Projects Authority
  5. IPA -International Phonetic Alphabet(system of phonetic notation)
  6. IPA -International Psychoanalytical Association
  7. IPA -International Publishers Association(representing book and journal publishing)
  8. IPA -Isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol)
  9. IPA -Insolvency Practitioners Association(UK and Ireland)
  10. IPA -Institute of Public Administration (disambiguation)
  11. IPA -International Permafrost Association
  12. IPA -International Phonetic Association(behind the IPA)
  13. IPA -International Play Association
  14. IPA -India pale ale(style of beer)
  15. IPA -International Police Association
  16. IPA -Interpretative phenomenological analysis to psychological qualitative research
  17. IPA -Innovative Products of America(tool manufacturer)
  18. IPA -Institute of Public Accountants
  19. IPA -International Polka Association
  20. IPA -International Presentation Association(network of Presentation Sisters)
  21. IPA -Independence Party of America
  22. IPA -Important Plant Areas(UK programme)
  23. IPA -Indigenous Protected Area(Australia)
  24. IPA -Independent Pilots Association
  25. IPA -Independent Psychiatric Association of Russia
  26. IPA -Intermediate power amplifier of a radio transmitter
  27. IPA -Independent practice association(physicians)
  28. IPA -Innovations for Poverty Action
  29. IPA -Institute for Propaganda Analysis
  30. IPA -Institute of Public Affairs(Poland)
  31. IPA -3-Indolepropionic acid( a biological substance)
  32. IPA -Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
  33. IPA -Institute of Public Affairs
  34. IPA -Indian Pharmacist Association
  35. IPA -Instituto Superior Autónomo de Estudos Politécnicos( Portugal)
  36. IPA -Indian Polo Association
  37. IPA -Investigatory Powers Act 2016(UK legislation)

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