What Is The Full Form of LOL?


The full form of LOL is Laugh Out loud or Laughing Out Loud. It is a very common internet slang that is used in chatting on various social networks or on the internet. LOL was first included in the Oxford dictionary in March 2011.

It was used historically on Usenet but is now widespread in other forms of computer and mobile mediated communication, and even face-to-face communication. It is used when someone finds something very funny or extremely amusing.

The Full Form of LOL is: Laugh Out loud

This may have a different meaning as some times it (LOL) is also used instead of Lots of Love. There are some other alternatives to this word(LOL) like LMAO, ROFL, etc. used according to the intensity of the laughter and in very funny situations. The list of these acronyms is growing now day by day as the new abbreviations are added. There are also some smileys used to respond the funny situations over the internet.

Where to use LOL?

LOL is employed in chatting, text messaging, and on Facebook and Twitter by mostly youngsters in conversations over social media websites and chatting. it’s commonly utilized in the social media networking site.

 At the time of conversation through chatting on the web, when someone finds something tremendously funny moments and can’t really stop himself from laughing, he or she, generally, express their feeling with this word “LOL”. There are in many specific situations emotions and smileys also are used for laughter in place of this word.

Other abbreviations of LOL are as follow:

  • Lots Of Love
  • League of Legends (game)
  • Little Old Lady
  • Lots Of Laughs
  • Loads of Love
  • Lots Of Luck
  • Loss of Life
  • List of Lists
  • Lowest of the Low
  • Lots of Laughter

I hope you will get the full form of LOL. Thanks for visiting😊. For more full forms check The Full Form Dictionary

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