What Is The Full Form of ABG?

The full form of ABG is Arterial Blood Gas. It is a type of test that measures the amounts of arterial gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. An ABG test requires a very small amount of blood that be drawn from the radial artery with the help of a syringe and a thin needle. The blood can also be drawn from an arterial catheter.

So this test checks how efficient your lungs are in moving oxygen into the blood and removing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) from the blood. When blood passes through lungs oxygen from the air present within the lungs moves into the blood and CO2 from the blood moves out into the lungs.

The Full Form of ABP is: Arterial Blood Gas

The machine is used for analyzing this blood from the syringe and measures the pH and therefore the partial pressures of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The bicarbonate concentration is additionally calculated. These results are usually available for interpretation within a few minutes.

  • In general, the normal values of an ABG test are as follows:
  • Oxygen saturation: 94 – 100 percent
  • Bicarbonate: 22 – 28 mEq/L
  • pH= 7.38 – 7.42
  • The partial pressure of oxygen: 75 – 100 mm Hg
  • The partial pressure of carbon dioxide: 38 – 42 mm Hg

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