What Is The Full Form of ACD?

full form of ACD

The full form of ACD is Automatic Call Distributor. It is a part of the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) system. This is a system that can manage, recognize,  and route large volumes of incoming calls data.

In a call center, an ACD system helps in manage the call traffic and distribute calls in the following scenarios:

  1. When the call traffic is too high.
  2. When you want to handle after-business hours inbound calls.
  3. When you want to automate responses for FAQs queries.
  4. When your call center agents are offline.

ACD effectively disperses the incoming calls to the respecting groups of agents or executives. It matches the callers to the agents who can best help them.

Full Form of ACD is: Automatic Call Distributor

The small ACD devices are specifically used to manage a couple of lines and on the other hand large devices are used to manage a large number of lines.

Most of the telecom companies and organizations offering service support or post-sale services use ACDs to supply the best customer service to their customers.

Q1. How does an automatic call distributor system work?]

So, How does ACD bring these benefits to a call center? How does it work from the insides? what’s the function of an automatic call distribution system?

The function of an automatic call distribution system is to distribute calls programmatically. ACD routing is that the process that takes of distributing calls programmatically to the proper agent within the shortest time span possible. The routing is based on several factors determination, likely call traffic, time of the day, the origin of the telephone number, and skills require to solve the query, and many more.

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